Trail Work Days

Let us know if you are interested in volunteeringFor updates on dates of clean-ups and work areas, like our Oneida Rail Trail Facebook page.

Oneida Rail Trail Volunteer Worker

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Personal Safety

  • Learn correct procedures and tools for tasks
  • Work with others, never alone Know/respect your limits and physical condition
  • Recognize site hazards before starting any project
  • Track your time & accomplishments
  • Maintain space between you and others
  • Alert others to any medical conditions, allergies, sensitivities

Work Zone

  • Hazards & Precautions Pedestrian and/or auto traffic – recognize the need for barricades, signage, spotters
  • Overhead or underground utilities – maintain a safe working distance, marking, notification, avoid and alert others
  • Poisonous plants – learn to recognize, mark with flagging or paint, avoid contact and alert others
  • Stinging, biting insects – recognize the habitat and presence of ticks, yellow jackets, hornets, avoid and alert others
  • Trip and fall hazards – mark with flagging or paint, avoid and alert others
  • Widow makers – recognize broken, hanging limbs, trees – mark with flagging or paint, avoid and alert others

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Vests, safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection, hard hats, long sleeves, long pants, rain wear, cold weather wear
  • Food and water, bug repellant, 1st Aid kit, Bee spray


  • Hand tools – shovels, rakes, handsaws, loppers, pruners, carts, tarps, flagging, pry bars
  • Keep cutting edges sharp and handles in good condition
  • Understand their correct use
  • Power tools – leave this work to professionals and /or paid city employees